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ABOVE: Doctor Who complete series Blu-Ray set with remote control Sonic Screwdriver. Essential purchases like this is why I’m broke. Allons-y! [Technabob]


Deadite full back tattoo. If I were this guy, I’d stay the hell away from Bruce Campbell or anyone dressed like Ash Williams for risk of getting a shot gun blast to the back.  [Geekologie]


John Barrowman gets slain by tiny Dalek. He died the way he lived, as a nerd and a gentlemen.  [FashionablyGeek]


The little yellow nugget men from Despicable Me are cute, and apparently tasty too. Here’s a minion wedding cake. Bet it taste like chicken nuggets and children’s tears [ThatsNerdalicious]


Be the master of magnetism (or rather master of opposing the opposite sex) with this Magneto hoodie [GAS]


Harry Potter themed Butterbeer ice cream sandwiches. You don’t need to know magic to make these disappear.  [GeeksofDoom]


Who ever said Lara Croft was an unrealistic depiction of the female form, never met cosplayer Bianca Beauchamp.

The 13 People You See At GameStop

The 13 kinds of people you see at Gamestop. Yeah, that’s about right. Fucking Gamestop, amerite? [Dorkly]

Sonic’s Green Hill Zone theme done acapella. If you play it with the sound off, then simply enjoy it for the kaleidoscope of epic beards. [Smooth McGroove]

A video of Tom Hiddleston singing “The Bare Necessities” at D23 Expo. You hear that sound? That’s the sound of fan-girls panties dropping. [Digital Spy]

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