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ABOVE: Lady Deadpool riding an inflatable dragon because its just what Lady Deadpool would do if she had an inflatable dragon, unless there was an inflatable Spider-Man available. I just hope that pool chlorine doesn’t have some unforeseen reaction with the latex suit . . . that might cause a mysterious rash. [FashionablyGeek]


This Pacific Rim cake is rather large and impressive, but it’s crap as it’s severely lacking Kaiju. Wait, I see it now . . . WE’RE THE KAIJU ! ! ! Cake and Social Commentary, nothing wets my appetite more. [ThatNerdalicious]


Premium Iron Man 3 Mandarin action figure from Hot Toys. I never saw this coming. Does it come with disappointing accessories for the Australian actor playing the terrorist, like a makeup case and hair brushes?  [GeekTyrant]

Its a Secret To Everybody

If Deadpool and Spider-Man can have an Internet thing, then Link and Shreik isn’t that far a leap. [Dorkly]


Doctor Who replica TARDIS door, because why the hell not? I guess if you can’t afford the whole TARDIS at once then getting a piece at a time is your next best alternative. [GeekAlerts]

Breaking Bad: Badger’s Unwritten Star Trek script. Spock eats pie and Chekov busts a gut. If you’re not watching Breaking Bad, you should be. This is just a small part of the awesomeness that this show brings every episode. Here we have a Meth Head / Meth Dealer and his unwritten Star Trek Script animated by Matt Czap. [GAS]

What if the writers from Arrested Development were hired to write a Thor TV show? These are the things that haunt my sleepless nights. The result is: Thor-ested Development and I want more, much more. [Dorkly]

If you haven’t learned your lesson yet, this Schoolhouse Rock style video will teach you the pitfalls and dangers of buying a game consoles when it first launches. Launch buying is for suckers.  [NerdApproved]

These two are pretty damn good at what they do. He only uses his voice and she tickles the strings. Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollen’s Star Wars medley will get you humming and making up your own Star Wars lyrics by the end of this video.  [TheMarySue]

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