While we bitch and moan about most of The New 52’s unnecessary revisions, there are a few that are not only well deserved but have been a long time coming. One of those legendary characters finally receiving the respect they’re due? Aquaman. King of the Seven Seas. Ruler of Atlantis. Arthur Curry.

Sure, he’s the butt of countless jokes, has never been taken seriously, and is repeatedly dismissed as the most laughable member of the Justice League; but Arthur’s time has come. Thanks to the excellent series from one of DC Comics‘ top talent, Geoff Johns, incredible artwork from Ivan Reis, Rod Reis, Joe Prado, and currently Paul Pelletier; Aquaman is a rockstar. I mean look at him! The dude’s a super model!

And when DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer is you’re number one fan things only continue to improve. Next in this second coming of Aquaman? An animated film! Johns tweeted the news yesterday, simply replying, “Yes, you will!” to a fan’s question about the possibility of seeing an Aquaman movie from DC and Warner Bros. Animation.

For fans of The Sea King, this news couldn’t be better. As we’re still unsure about the future of DC’s live-action films, their animated features continue to be some of the strongest, most exciting, and truest adaptations of many of DC’s most celebrated works. I absolutely giddy thinking of what a great flick they’ll whip together for Aquaman!

Recently he appeared in their latest animated offering, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, that’s pretty far from the actual Aquaman. So will they go the origin story route? Most likely, but I’m hoping for an adaptation of Johns’ recent reinvention of Aquaman. It’s full of great action, for Arthur and his wife, Mera, and humorously plays with our impression of Aquaman as the Justice League’s resident loser.

Excited for Aquaman to final get his due? What story do you think they’ll work to adapt?

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