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With Fox looking to expand their line-up of super hero franchises gone to the big screen, it’s only natural that they should seek exposure for new characters through the already established properties.  Such is the case with the recently released Wolverine flick, tying Logan’s story to the X-Men trilogy and paving way for him to return to the team.  We got to see Jean Grey show up in the solo movie and, as it turns out, there was supposed to be a little Rogue running around as well.

In the end, the writers opted out of bringing Rogue on board, thinking that it would have just been too much to shoehorn her in.  Or, in the words of one of the writers, Mark Bomback:

I love Rogue and I just think that there’s something about this idea that Rogue is tremendously empathetic but incapable of safe human contact. That always moved me and I thought that’s what really got to the heart of what makes the X-Men franchise so unique. So I was trying to do something with Rogue in the script. I even had a set of ideas that the old man possessed a version of Rogue’s power and that was going to be indicated by a white stripe in his hair. Eventually it became very goofy, and I threw it out because I started realizing throughout the script that it became more problematic than cool.

It’s no accident to me that in the first X-Men film the first two mutants that you really see who have a connection are Wolverine and Rogue. There’s something special between them, so I was trying to bring Rogue into it, but it just didn’t get there. I regretted there wasn’t a way to figure it out, but when I look at the film now, it would have stuck out if we tried to shoehorn her in there just because it was another character from the universe.

Personally, I’d rather they have stuck with the original comic relationship between Logan and Kitty Pryde rather than creating a younger Rogue and using her as a stand-in (and thus removing her own unique and awesome backstory).  But I guess that just ain’t gonna happen, is it?


Thanks to Blastr for the heads-up.

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