There’s no question the news of another Star Wars trilogy is still some of the biggest nerd news around. Until it was officially announced the thought of there ever being Episodes VII, VIII, and IX was ridiculous. And yet here we are, with a big name like J.J. Abrams attached to direct the first installment of this new trilogy. This latest rumor, though, seems to hint Abrams is involved with more than simply directing.

Following Joss Whedon’s success with The Avengers he was made overseer of Marvel’s future movie plans along with Kevin Feige, and as suspected, Disney is looking to do the same for Abrams with Star Wars. As Star Wars Episode VII News reports,

I heard from sources close to Abrams that his involvement with Star Wars will be huge. For now he may only be directing Episode 7 but also he will supervise and consult all other side projects from the franchise – games, spin-off movies, TV series etc. And while Kathleen Kennedy will be the managing core of the franchise Abrams will be the creative core through which everything will pass.

Of course, we’re talking about majorly speculative rumor-y stuff here, but I wouldn’t say this isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Obviously, Marvel has set the template future franchises are looking to for guidance. Funnily enough, this isn’t unlike the precedent Star Wars set so many years earlier.

But, how do you feel about an Abrams-ified Star Wars universe? How will affect Abrams involvement with the Star Trek franchise?

Source: Star Wars Episode VII News via Blastr

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