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With just two movies under his belt, Joseph Kosinski is already fast becoming a well-known fixture in the sci-fi directing world.  Oblivion was just released (which I regret I have not seen yet…) and he was also responsible for the (extremely underrated!) Tron: Legacy.  He’s even been hard at work trying to get together a remake of the 1979 sci-fi flick, The Black Hole.  Now, it looks like he may be jumping on another big-name property and taking on the challenge of directing a new installment in The Twilight Zone.

First created in 1959 by super-genius and suspense guru Rod Serling, attempts to use The Twilight Zone name in the past have been rather mediocre.  But Warner Bros. is still trying to bring some new stories to the old franchise and they may be hiring on Kosinski to bring the vision to life.  He’s still in talks, so nothing is set in stone, but there is, in my opinion, some potential here.

I for one would like to see how Kosinski treats the property and whether he can create something worth of the Rod Serling heritage.  What do the folks out in Nerd Reader-land think about this?  Does this guy have the talent to pull it off?


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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