As a certain flamboyant protocol droid once famously stated:

“Here we go again!”

Just two days ago this site was reporting the rumor that Ian McDiarmid would be returning as a spectral Emperor Palpatine in the next Star Wars flick (NOT as a clone, as he did in the comic miniseries Dark Empire).

NOW we’ve got word that Ewan McGregor will be jumping on the ghostly bandwagon, and will show up as the disembodied spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi, just as Sir Alec Guiness did in Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi.

In both cases, the rumor comes to us via that inexhaustible wellspring of dubious Star Wars news: Latino Review.

Today’s rumor seems based solely on the word of unnamed “insiders” who apparently only talk to Latino Review, and an interview McGregor gave to Digital Spy last year where he said he’d be happy to reprise his role in Episode VII–IF he is called upon to do so.

They also claim that the fact that Sebastian Shaw as the ghost of Anakin was replaced by Hayden Christensen in the Special Editions means there’s precedence for bringing in McGregor as Kenobi’s ghost.

The problem with this reasoning is Alec Guiness was VISIBLY portraying Obi-Wan–as a human and a spirit–for three movies. Anakin was hidden inside Vader’s armor for the entire Original Trilogy… This allows us a bit of suspension of disbelief as to what he looked like under that mask. The replacement of Shaw was annoying, yes–but not totally without logic.

I’m not saying that this rumor is necessarily false, just that switching Shaw for Christensen in a three second scene at the end of ROTJ will have no bearing on whether or not McGregor returns.

Tune in tomorrow, when Latino Review will likely be swearing up and down that Warwick Davis will return as Wicket the Ewok–and HE’S Palpatine’s secret Sith apprentice.

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