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There are any number of ways to use the blank canvas that is Twitter. Some ache to be unique, writing novels in 140 character snippets. Others cut through the queue and the crap to break news, or embrace the deep closet that cyber anonymity provides, trotting out different personas and role playing accounts.

Of course, as there is in all things, there are the motherfuckers who flood the thing with hate or products, the drivel-devils who suck our souls dry with their useless observations, the sunshine kids and their proclamations of joy that feel like hot acid on the skin of a cynic, the unfunny wannabe comedians, the holier-than-thous, the over-indulged poly-sci nerd soap-boxers who finally feel like their megaphones are turned on, and a number of other irritating archetypes.

We know these people, we often are these people, but as we send out almost half a billion tweets a day, few resonate. Few stick or earn anything more than a moment of self-satisfaction, a handful of re-tweets, and — legitimately or illegitimately — the warming feel of interaction and social participation.

Sometimes, though, there are those special ones that elevate the medium, and today comedian, author, and actor Patton Oswalt unleashed a stream of them, utilizing Twitter’s well known limitations to skewer the far right and — more importantly — those who seem to speak without understanding what they are reacting too.

Oswalt took on the reflexive haters and those who communicate only through outrage and use the internet’s anonymity to hide as they snipe. The ones who feast on controversy even when there is none, and in doing so, he may have crafted Twitter’s first scholarly work — a bit of social satire that also happened to be damn funny.

Here’s the best of it, though you really want to go to Oswalt’s twitter account to get the full effect.

So, is that the end of Patton Oswalt on Twitter? I hope not, but who knows? If it was, though, it’s a hell of a way to go out… too bad we’ll forget about it next time Katie Couric regifts a gold-threaded onesie to Kim Kardashian.

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