Origins 1

With October 25th getting closer, more and more teasers for the third game in the beloved Batman: Arkham franchise are being revealed; the latest of which, even introduces a villain that’s new to the hit video game series.

I won’t hold back anymore; I cannot wait for this game. These trailers are killing me; each one makes this game seem unstoppable, and if it only delivers on what’s been shown so far, it will still be one of the better games to have come out recently. The argumentative relationship between Alfred and Bruce is exciting, as is the idea that the majority of the Gotham Police Department will be against you. It’s a different world than we’ve grown to accept in the Batman: Arkham games. I mean, honestly, who is watching that trailer and thinking “Nah, I don’t really want to go fight Firefly IN THE AIR”?

I was skeptical, as I think many people were, when it was first announced that the game was being developed by a studio other than Rocksteady, but it looks like Warner Bros. Games Montreal are simply building on top of the formula proven in the first two games, while adding their own little twists.

The story, for those who don’t know, places the Caped Crusader on the wrong end of a bounty hunt, with a prize of $50 million on his head. Naturally, this brings every psycho killer super villain out of the wood work, many of which will be having their first encounter with the Bat (hence its title, Origins). Be sure to pick this one up when it releases worldwide on October 25th of this year.

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