Those who attended San Diego Comic Con and got into Hall H for the Doctor Who panel were treated to the first glimpse of footage from the 50th anniversary special. It was so exclusive Steven Moffat threatened to never bring any footage or sneak peeks or anything to Comic Con ever again if it leaked! Now, either that same footage or another clip was shared at the Edinburgh TV Festival, going on now, and from that footage a still shot of Doctors Eleven, Ten, and… uh… 8.5 has leaked online. Check it out below!


Yes, it’s terrible, terrible quality. But what are you expecting from a quick snapshot snagged in dark room? What is does offer, though, is our very first look at Matt Smith, David Tennant, and John Hurt together as The Doctors.

Anyone else just get chills?

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will premiere on BBC One, BBC America, and Space on November 23rd.

Source: Doctor Who TV

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