It may not have been everyone’s favorite this past summer, but soon Star Trek  Into Darkness will available to own on Blu-ray and DVD. Now no one expects you to change your mind about the film when you see it on your TV or computer screen, but maybe the special features will shed some light on the production process and give the fans some new and/or greater insight into the filmmakers’ intentions with the film.

Not so fast.

Apparently, Into Darkness will come with a paltry 40 minutes of additional material made up entirely of the following seven featurettes: Creating the Red Planet, Attack on Starfleet, The Klingon Home World, The Enemy of My Enemy, Ship to Ship, Brawl by the Bay and Continuing the Mission. That’s it. No deleted scenes, no filmmakers commentary, no games, or Easter eggs, or any other extras that might sweeten the bitter taste of the actual movie.

Interestingly though, those seven featurettes won’t be the only bonus materials available, they just won’t be available when you buy the physical disc. Want the director’s commentary? You’ll have to download it on iTunes. As well, there will be other exclusives on versions of the movie sold as VUDU or CinemaNow downloads, or on the physical discs sold at retail outlets like Best Buy and Target.

Feeling screwed yet? Certainly the normally soft-spoken, slow to anger sci-fi fans will be okay with it… (Seriously, I’m totally being sarcastic right now, and I’m practically daring you not to comment below. A shiny new donkey goes to the first nerd to blame Damon Lindelof for this.)

Star Trek Into Darkness will be available to buy on September 10.

Source: /Film


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