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ABOVE: Deadpool cosplay by Samira. Is that a Taco in her pants (Deadpool does have a penchant for v-shaped treats) or just vagina? I prolly shouldn’t have said that. Ladypool is for sure to kick my butt.   [WOCC]


If it gets enough votes, this LEGO Jurassic Park gate, SUV and T-Rex set could actually be a real thing. Life finds a way, but not if you don’t vote. [Geekologie]


Doctor Who cake. If the Doctor always lies, does this mean the cake is a lie? [The Regali Kitchen]


Custom Blade Runner Action Figures. So you’re telling me that someone replicated a replicant? Oh sweet irony. [Page2]

Proving the theory that all Google employees go on a murderous rage every time they invent something, here’s what would happen if Google made a light saber.  [GeekTyrant]

Patrick Stewart and the art of the quadruple take. Either Picard’s smoking the Cheeba, or he has a disposition for girls with sexy feet.  [NerdApproved]

Star Drunk – a short Sci-Fi film written and acted by drunk people. Brings a whole new meaning to “wasted talent” [GAS]

10 little known facts about Marvel. Eh, the more you know, right? [Alltime10s]

This DuckTales/Duct Tape parody was inevitable. Duck tape origami? But… how? [ToplessRobot]

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