Last Night at Dragon Con… Day One

So, last night, at Dragon Con…

Well actually, before I get into last night, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact folks were already wearing stellar costumes like this,


And this,


And partying like this,

On Thursday night when Dragon Con hadn’t even officially begun!There’s so much happening at Dragon Con not even the four days the convention has allowed for can contain it. The party has been spilling over into Thursday evening for years now, but this Thursday easily had the largest crowd I’ve seen ringing in Dragon Con New Year’s.

Yes, Dragon Con New Year’s; a countdown to midnight celebrating the official start of Dragon Con.

Now that the con has officially started the real top notch cosplay has begun coming out. In the slideshow below I’ve included a few of my favorites from the first day of the con as just a tease of what’s going on,

Plenty more to come, too, what with the parade and the massive DC and Marvel photoshoots!

Back to it, so last night at Dragon Con was The Venture Bros. Party & Costume Contest, one of my favorite events of the con. Every years it’s a hopping party where all of Dragon Con’s Venturoos come to mingle and celebrate their ingenious and obscure cosplay. You may get called butterfly man while wandering the con, but at The Venture Bros. Party you are most definitely The Mighty Monarch. Or, at least, one of them.

In the coming week I’ll be posting my full Venture Bros. Party & Costume Contest coverage, but here’s a tease of what went down,

As for the winners of the costume contest? That prestigious honor goes to Pete White, along with his own Billy Quizboy, and Augustus St. Cloud, who came with his own P.Y.,


And yes, actor James Urbaniak, known to one and all as Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture, was on hand to congratulate not only the winners, but all the contestants.

Still, with only one day of the convention over, the best costume by far has been these camouflaged soldiers,


They match the iconic carpet of Marriot Marquis here in Atlanta! Brilliant!


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