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On with the dump!

Above: how great would this be? Recast Adventure Time‘s Finn with the Marvel mutant madness of Wolverine and you’ve got some quality television for the kids.  [Nerd Approved]

Hit the jump for Earthworm Jim, Catwoman and more.


Earthworm Jim is a Halo Spartan, this makes so much sense! Part of a gallery on display at Pax Prime right now artist Colin Foran put together this sweet piece of work featuring Earth’s hapless hero in Spartan issue armour. Bonus points for including Snot. [Deviant Art]


Happy birthday to one of the Daily Planet’s top reporters, Lois Lane. Created by Brittney Williams, this celebratory scene featuring the blushing Lois and her cast of friends is something everyone should wish for, except for Jimmy there. That little nut is purely after that cake. [Comics Alliance]


Oh my God, someone find a walking Hershey bar and graham crackers on the double! Part of a collection of villains by Jason Edmiston on display at the Mondo gallery as part of the A Rogues Gallery art show this Ghostbusters villain might not have been on film long, but left a lasting impact. [Xombie DIRGE]


Game of Thrones artwork always has someone out there that goes and steps it up for everyone, without cutting off hands or trying to backstab someone else. In this case Doodle-Mon has taken the iron throne with their outstanding work with Daenerys Targaryen and her baby dragon. [GeekTyrant]


Mario has seen some better days, Nintendo’s sales are down and our little buddy has had to build up some of the muscle and crack some skulls. Tom Lishman may have have frightened us with what a tougher, less friendly Mario would be like, but you can bet his princess is no longer in any castle. [It8Bit]


And that kids is how you blow the minds of not one, but two childhoods. DC‘s Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have been the puppeteers of Burt and Ernie for decades on Sesame Street and nobody knew it, except for Marco D’Alfonso. What next, Big Bird is Batman? [Deviant Art]


Poor Catwoman, all the skill in the world and capable of robbing banks without so much as an alarm going off -and she get’s caught by a wire. Looks like this an easy night for Batman. [A Godly Servant]


Three seasons of Walking Dead and this is the one thing that Illusionario wants to see, Rick fighting a literal mountain of Zombies. With season four on the way it might happen, but then again the season is already shot so here’s to season five! [CGHUB]


Why are we not surprised that something like this would happen. Deadpool, being as crazy as he his, riding Iron Man several thousand feet in the air without a care in the world, the only question is: Does this count as becoming a member of the mile high club now? [GeekTyrant]

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