Last Night at Dragon Con… Day Two


So last night, at Dragon Con…

Things were bumpin’ as it was Saturday night! Two of Dragon Con’s biggest parties went down: The Heroes and Villains Ball where cosplaying guests go straight to the front of the line, and the Last Party on Alderaan where you dance like there’s no tomorrow.

But before we could party away Saturday night we had to survive Saturday morning. That’s when the Dragon Con Parade invades downtown Atlanta. Thousands of spectators, con-goers and normies alike lined the streets to take in Atlanta’s largest parade and here are few of the highlights (including Ernie Hudson and Billy Dee Willaims!),

Not only are there fantastic and hilarious costumes on parade, but feats of skill, too! There was a unicyclist who juggled,

One crazy looking, but fantastic sounding marching band,

And this near miss of a disaster,

See, skills.

After the parade we made our way on over to the massive photo shoot for the DC Universe. There’s really nothing cooler than being surrounded by so many awesome looking heroes and villains. Here’s a taste,

Beat Down Boogie was there, as always, and I cannot wait to see the footage they grabbed. You know it’ll be epic.

Besides the usual convention events Dragon Con also provides some special, off site activities. They host a Dragon Con night at Turner Field and last night the Georgia Aquarium stayed open extra late for an exlusive Dragon Con only evening. After the fiasco that was the shuttle situation (lesson learned, just walk next time) we arrived at the aquarium to realize it’s an extension of the huge party that is Dragon Con, but with sea creatures!

Honestly, I wanted to be able to say I hit the aquarium at least once, but after last night it could easily become a yearly event! There’s music, cosplay, abundant marine life, and of course, cash bars. The Georgia Aquarium is incredible and when you add in the Dragon Con nightlife it’s only more fun, here’s a peek,

Once back at the convention it was time to booze and cruise, which is basically walking around drinking in all the cosplay as well as whatever beverage of you choose. The biggest hit last night was Tin Iron Man (though since the man in the suit is a friend I may be a little biased). But, I mean, just look at him, it’s brillaint!

All right, that was Saturday, on to Sunday!

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