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Dragon Con 2013 got started this year with an incredible crowd on Thursday night. That’s right, nothing is open, the dealer’s room is still frantically being set up, many of the special guests haven’t even boarded their flights to Atlanta yet, and the party is already in full swing. The picture above was taken around 10 am and the one below later that night.

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In fact, from what everyone is telling me, the actual start of the party was Wednesday night, when many Dragon Con goers got an extra-extra day of partying and Cosplay in. A full day and a half before the official opening ceremonies.


That Thursday night, everyone I talked to commented on coming earlier next year. Those that had been here Wednesday night said it was well worth the extra day because they had a blast. There was even one family I talked with that came in the Saturday before . . . and spent the week sight seeing around Atlanta at the zoo and other attractions before settling in for a weekend at Dragon Con. Now that is one way to round out a family vacation.

Adding a Wednesday would make Dragon Con a 6 day event, bringing increased tourist dollars to the city of Atlanta, I can’t think how much Dragon Con actually gains from this unless they begin Thursday events and scheduling.

One would think that if anyone Cosplayed on the Thursday night before Dragon Con opened, it would be something casual or an older costume. You can forget that, everywhere you look everyone was bringing their “A” game costumes. Many could have easily stepped right onto the set as stand-ins for their TV show counterpart.

One of the best parts of Dragon Con, in my opinion is that during the daylight hours the con is very kid friendly. Many families are roaming the convention hotel lobbies  and panels, and there have been some great family and kid costumes. You can see an adorable little Dalek from the first day in the picture below, she was so cute and excited to be “Exterminating” everyone.

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I only wish I had checked my camera settings, some time that night I must have inadvertently changed them and lost the auto focus and lighting . . . and all the images were extra-large size so I couldn’t upload them on while on site. Make sure you check back, there will be some more posts with the full days Cosplay pictures.


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