Cosplay is one of the first things that you think about when someone mentions Dragon Con, that and one hell of a weekend long party. What really makes Dragon Con Cosplay stand head and shoulders above just about every other convention is the sheer number of people in attendance that come in costume during the event. Every convention has its fair share of Cosplay, but Dragon Con takes it to a new level.

There were a couple that stood out for me and my Dragon Con 2013 experience. One of my favorites was this:

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 478

Cosplaying for his hotel roommates that he hooked up and needed some privacy . . . Brilliant. Another great Cosplay that had some added drama was the Dragon Con TV Logo Lady:

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 281

All Friday night Dragon Con TV ran a runner under the screen asking her to come to the Dragon Con TV room so they could get her picture. This is a great example showing that people will Cosplay anything at Dragon Con, even Dragon Con TV. I’d like to add that Dragon Con TV did another great job this year with funny videos, shorts, and time fillers.

Check out the gallery below for the first set of Dragon Con Cosplay.

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