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Four days, six if you count Wednesday and Thursday, is a whole lot of convention to cover. Thrown in that it takes four major Hotels and numerous satellite hotels to handle the 50,000 plus attendees and 3500 hours of non-stop programming and your head will start to spin. Just like the first post of Nerdbastards Dragon Con Cosplay coverage, this one’s got a ton of great costumes found during the convention.

There were plenty of kids Cosplaying this year. The mini Deadpool and Spawn pictured below were a huge hit with many of the convention goers passing by. These little guys probably caused more bottlenecks in the Hotel hallways and walkways than any of the scantly clad cosplayers.

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 485

There are so many Cosplayers and costumes that it’s hard to decide which to take a picture of let along which of your favorite Sci-Fi and fantasy favorites to Cosplay. This guy decided that he wouldn’t decide and just do something from everything he loved. Can you count how many different franchises he Cosplayed here?

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 543

Here’s another gallery set of Dragon Con 2013 Cosplay pictures, which is your favorite?

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