the mountain

The much-beloved Game of Thrones television series has been going through some changes lately, mainly in the form of casting.  Personally, I don’t see why anyone would want to jump ship on this amazing opportunity to gain both cash and clout, but whatever.  First the show lost Ed Skrein (Daario Naharis) and now they’ll also be losing Ian Whyte (Ser Gregor Clegane).

The character of The Mountain originally started out being played by Conan Stevens, but that got changed up during the first season.  Then they moved on to Whyte.  And now, they move on yet again.  This time around, an Icelandic monster of a man by the name of Hafthor Julius Bjornsson.  Check out a pic of the guy below – he certainly does look the part if nothing else:



Thanks to blast  for the heads-up.

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