How Will Batman’s Story End?


Titled The Ultimate Batman Comic, this very short comic by David Lasky seems eerily perfect, making it hard to argue with the title. As we know the character, I’m not sure most people would conclude the Dark Knight’s story this way, but I think it’s fittingly sad ending for our tragic hero.

ultbat1 ultbat2 ultbat3 ultbat4

For me, I was sort of shocked by the reaction I had to reading this; it kinda seemed like exactly what most people would do, but not what Batman would do. Supernatural fans might be reminded of the episode “What Is and What Should Never Be,” which features a similar story of a hero going back to prevent what made them the hero that they are. Why can’t they save themselves? Why can’t they be happy? Well, because they are the heroes, that’s why. While some people might see this as a sad ending, I’d say it’s more pleasant than any alternative that we could expect for.

Like Dean though, I think Bruce would have the foresight to see that saving himself wouldn’t save Gotham. Most likely anyone he ever saved or affected would’ve either died or went down a horrible path. He wouldn’t save himself, he’d do what was right for Gotham. He makes the choice that no one else can make and all that…

So, what do you Bat-fans have to say about this short strip? Do you see it as a fitting end to Gotham’s defender?


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