This Christmas, there’s absolutely one thing that Santa will not be bringing you, and that’s more of Matt Smith as The Doctor in Doctor Who. By now, it’s less than spoilery to say that this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special will be Smith’s final appearance as the time traveling alien, but how about a sneak peak at the final episode? Well the BBC’s official Doctor Who Twitter account posted an official first-look pic of Smith’s final Who…


Okay, so obviously there’s nothing to spoil there. Even the title of script, “Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013,” doesn’t even give us a hint. All we do know for sure is that Smith will be wearing a wig made to look like his signature Who ‘do for the special. Here’s what Smith himself had to say about the situation:

“I [cut my hair] for a film, but it means I have to wear a wig in Doctor Who, which is a nightmare. I’m excited – I start shooting the Christmas special [on] Sunday. It’ll be sad – the end of a wonderful era!”

It will indeed be quite sad this Christmas. In the meantime though, we all have the 50th anniversary special to look forward to on Saturday November 23rd.

More Who news as it develops.

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