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ABOVE: Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous. I killed way too much time today flipping through the photos on Etsy seller Kreatworks store. There is so much detail in here, it’s unbelieveable. All of Kreatworks creations are made from scrap auto/machine parts. This life-size beauty will run you about $8,000 but there are smaller statues available at much more reasonable prices. Oh, but if you can afford to buy this lady, I suggest you get her a boyfriend, too.



In case you aren’t a regular reader of the Bloggess, you may have missed her post earlier this month with her Harry Potter inspired taxidermied animals (yes, you read that right), here they are for your viewing pleasure. Mad-eye toady wins the prize for most creative, I think. [Geeks Are Sexy]

skeksi scents

Ever wonder what a Skeksi smells like? Yeah, neither have I…. though I have wondered what Augrah smells like (I assume patchouli.) Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab tells us what Skeksis smell like on their Facebook page and soon, all of us Henson nerds will be able to smell like the essence of vile gluttony! [Fashionably Geek]

skeski sword

Speaking of Skeksis, 3D illustrator Stuart Wade created this image of the Skeksi ceremonial Haakskeeka sword as part of his 15 image nerd sword series. You can view detailed images of all of the swords here, including He-Man’s Sword of Power, Bilbo’s Sting and even Lion-O’s Sword of Omens. You can purchase the prints here. [Nerd Approved]


Everyone needs a Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head. In fact, I’m getting one for my niece for her 12th birthday and then also one for myself just because Potato Heads are cool. And I can safely announce that on the internet because although I let her watch Buffy, I’m not letting her near the interwebz until she’s 40. [Geekologie]

sister of plenitude-cosplay

Doctor Who cosplay is definitely not rare at cons, but what is rare is cosplay of tertiary characters like the Sisters of Plenitude. [Fashionably Geek]

star wars luggage

Travel in style, you will with this revamped vintage luggage from AmandaJeannn. This particular suitcase is probably too small to hold your cosplay costume (unless it’s a slave Leia costume), but Amanda has other Star Wars inspired luggage available that could hold your Jedi robes.

If you’re not already excited about the Doctor Who anniversary special (are you crazy?!), then this fan made opening sequence will get you in the mood. [GeekTyrant]

In case that didn’t get you excited enough for Doctor Who, how about this rockin’ rendition of the Doctor Who theme song by TheHumanTim?

I don’t know about you but I’m all for a wicked awesome Iron Man from Boston. [Topless Robot]

Last week I posted about Hank and Marie from Breaking Bad watching Miley Cyrus. This week, Captain Kirk watches the VMAs. [Geeks Are Sexy]


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