This latest rumor comes from the ever reliable El Mayimbe over at Latino Review, and the scoop comes from a casting breakdown for Batman vs Superman currently making the rounds at talent agencies. Judging from the source I highly doubt this is rumor, but considering it’s in no way official we’ll just keep it labeled as such for now.

Anyway, the casting breakdown is seeking a woman in her late 20s of any ethnicity who is also tall and “possesses physicality.” Since Lois has – obviously – already been cast it’s assumed any other woman cast in the movie must be a love interest for Batman. And usually, I’d bitch and complain about such an assumption, but this is Hollywood we’re talking about. Why should I expect them to ever cast a woman in an action movie, let alone a superhero movie, for a role other than a love interest?

Knowing what it is they’re looking for, specifically the talk of her needing to be tall and have physicality, speculation has begun. What’s the role? Perhaps Vicki Vale? Selina Kyle? Hell, could it even be Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman!? ‘Course, she could also turn out to be an original character à la Rachel Dawes of The Dark Knight trilogy.

Now, who to cast? Ben Affleck is 6’4 so they’ll indeed need a pretty tall woman for it not to look super weird. El Mayimbe gave suggestions like Charlize Theron or Adrianne Palicki, 5’10 and 5’11 respectively, based off their heights alone. Would you like either of them as the object of Bats’ desire? Does it depend on whatever the role is?

What do you think of this potential casting development? Does Bats even need a love interest?

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