Death-of-Superman-LivesEarlier this year cartoon mastermind and champion of industry, John Schnepp (Metalocalypse and Venture Bros.,) took to Kickstarter to kickstart a doc that would detail the Superman movie that never was. The fabled and failed Tim Burton Death Of Superman project that would have featured Nic Cage as the titular character, Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen and Tim Allen as Brainiac. Well, the campaign was a resounding success (goal was $98,000 and it earned $115,110 worth of pledges,) and the documentary is set for a summer 2014 release. Check the trailer out below.

As you can see, it looks like Cage will actually appear in the doc talking about the project. Schnepp also hinted that if they had the money they would also use CGI to recreate key scenes from the script so we can get a taste of the speeding bullet we all dodged on this one. Hell, Grant Morrison is in it and that is worth the price of admission alone.

Is it to late to donate just a little bit more? I am totally willing to bank roll a scene with SuperCage facing off against Tim ‘Braniac’ Allen in costume myself. I’ve got $38 bucks and half a Papa Johns pizza with Allen’s name on it…
Via: IGN

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