Out and about promoting Riddick is one Katee Sackhoff, known to most as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace from Battlestar Galactica. While making her rounds she ended up on the Schmoes Know podcast and there was asked about the possibility she’s heard anything from Marvel or Disney. Here’s her unbelievable awkward response,

Um… There’s been some stuff going on. Um… there’s been a lot of checking of availability… I don’t quite know exactly… I don’t know… there’s been a lot of questions about the first quarter of next year and then the…

What isn’t clear from the text that is when you listen to the audio is that the Schmoes were talking over her, and in the end cut her off before she really revealed anything. But her bumbling makes one thing clear, she likely has been talking to Marvel, or at least someone has for her. Otherwise, it’d have been a clean cut, “No,” right?

The biggest clue is her mention of, “the first quarter of next year,” as we know that’s when Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in production. If they’re interested in keeping her schedule free for that period then they must be looking to include her, in some way, in Age of Ultron. It’s likely a small role considering how late in the game these talks are happening, which leads me to guess she’s up for Captain Marvel. Not only is Sackhoff a dead ringer for Carol Danvers, but we know she’s got the balls to bring one of Marvel’s heaviest hitters to life on screen. Exhibit A: Starbuck.

Once you take into account Joss Whedon wants to include more women heroes and the latest threat will be cosmic in nature, introducing Captain Marvel seems a no-brainer. Another possibility is they’re looking to her for The Scarlet Witch, something I can also dig, but I’d much prefer her as Danvers. What do you guys think of this latest casting rumor? Who’d you cast Sackhoff as?

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