‘The Fall Guy’ Gets The Rock and McG

ent-130424-dwayne-johnson-pain-gainjpg-518ff06d49127f23It looks like “The Great One” is working with WWE yet again– but not in the squared circle. Dwayne Johnson is reportedly negotiating to take the lead role in the WWE Studios-Hyde Park produced remake of The Fall Guy, with Charlie’s Angels director, McG being brought in to possibly helm the flick. While this announcement isn’t surprising for the former professional wrestler, it is the first time that he will be involved with WWE on a movie since Walking Tall.

There has been talk of bringing The Fall Guy to the big screen before, but with ’80s television shows being made into movies left and right, it looks more promising now than ever. The show, which starred Lee Majors and centered on his part-time stunt man, part-time bounty hunter character, seems like a perfect fit for the Fast & Furious 6 star, who’s spent his career being both a “stunt man” and an actor playing bounty hunter-type characters.

McG is as good a choice as any to direct, seeing as his directing debut was the Charlie’s Angels movies, which sucked, but that’s about as good as anyone has got with one of these film remakes of old television shows. At least it brought in some money, which is the overall goal; with Johnson being one of Hollywood’s biggest “bang for the buck” actors, it seems like an achievable feat. Since things are still in negotiations, and none of the other roles have been cast, it’ll probably be a while before we see- if we see- this movie. So, does anyone out there have interest in seeing this project come to life, or should it stay in the ’80s?



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