Star Wars fans are starving for news on the upcoming, Disney trilogy. Unfortunately, that isn’t making anyone working on the movie any less tightlipped on the subject; we don’t know the story, the cast, the characters, or even the title. Well, we might have an answer on that last one, but take it with a grain of salt.

The rumored and totally unconfirmed title is Star Wars Episode VII: A New Dawn, which, to me, sounds a bit too fitting to be the real title. That title seems like something just about anyone could think up, and it could mean just about anything. The new dawn of what? A new hero? A new evil? Both? It could literally mean just about anything, really. While it does seem to represent the original trilogy with the title resembling A New Hope, which many think is the goal of the new movies, it’s a bit too similar.

Now, maybe that’s exactly what they were going for with the title; something very interpretive and vague, or maybe even just a bunch of meanings. It’s definitely a possibility that this title is real, and that they were going for those things that I just mentioned, but I’m just not convinced yet. I think it’s a decent title, but with how hush-hush everything has been with the movie so far, it seems more likely that someone came up with a cool title. Anyone think that this title is legit, or just a creative fan?



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