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ABOVE: My Little Pony cosplay. And you wonder why there’s a male audience known as Bronies [FG]


I have the (will) power to buy this 1/4th He Man Statue from PopCulture Shock Collectibles, but my wallet doesn’t. [SlashFilm]


At about the one hour, 17-minute mark in Star Trek Into Darkness R2-D2 can be seen being sucked from the Enterprise into the depths of space. [TheMarySue]

How Predator eats his cereal. Ladies, let this be a lesson to you. Never let your man play with your hair clips.  [ObviousWinner]

Eye catching GLaDOS’ cosplay. This is the result of craftsmanship and putting to use things you learn while engaging in BDSM activities.  Next year she will be a companion cube and stuff her body into a box. [Technabob]

Tarful Wookie costume test. Taking over three months to build, it stands a whopping 8’2″. Truly, Star Wars cosplayers make the best cosplayer. Dude has gotta be careful, though. If he treks t0o far into the woods, the bigfoot hunters will get him.   [Kotaku]

Flying Iron Man RC toy. My sophomoric self would fly this into unsuspecting asses. I would just hope to avoid getting mud on the helmet.  [Gizmodo]

Darth Vader in kilt riding unicycle playing Star Wars medley on flaming bagpipes. Yeah, I don’t need to say anything further.  [Geekologie]

And here we are with another DragonCon 2013 fan music video. Unlike other videos, this one features costumers jumping really high. [acksonl]

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