With the latest season of The Walking Dead just over a month away from debuting, we’re getting teasers and trailers left and right. Logically, this season looks like it’s going to pick up where the last one left off, with Rick and the crew taking in the survivors from Woodbury and trying to maintain their community inside the prison’s walls. Well, this latest teaser gives us a taste of just how that endeavor is going.

Everything we’ve been working so hard to keep out, just found its way in.

Did anyone think that things would be going well? At face value, this video refers to the walkers that have been creeping outside of their gates, but, with the last season focusing on the threat of the still living, I can’t help but think that this is referring to something else, something scarier, that they’ve been working so hard to keep out. Faced with survival, the living are proving to be much more dangerous than the dead, and this trailer is obviously hinting at some big problems in the coming season. The return of The Governor, perhaps?

Or, maybe it is just walkers. I don’t know. Using the undead to represent the real threats and struggles of the story is the sort of thing that we’ve come to expect from the show. I’d say it’s a safe bet that it won’t just be zombies breaking in. We’ll have to wait till October 13th to find out for sure, but this little teaser sure gets me psyched to see what happens this season.


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