Dragon Con 2013 Pics 209

Part One of Beat Down Boogie‘s Dragon Con 2013 Epic Cosplay has hit the Internet and you won’t want to miss it. These guys scour the entire convention floor for some of the funniest, most creative cosplayers in the known world. This year was no different except that the guys from Beat Down Boogie have really stepped it up. You are going to enjoy this video.

Dragon Con is a smorgasbord of fabulous cosplay, 24 hours a day. After you watch the video go check out the Cosplay featured in Nerd Bastards’ Colossal Cornucopia of Cosplay Collections from Dragon Con 2013 at these three links:

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Music in order played:
Podington Bear – Filaments http://podingtonbear.com/
Fissunix – Shout Hello https://soundcloud.com/fissunix
The Gray Havens – Silver http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/4352…

A huge thanks to everyone who was so generous and nice to us at DragonCon. A lot of our crew were feeling rough due to a big film shoot right before D-Con, but you all helped make the weekend an interesting enjoyable odyssey for us. There will be more videos to come!

Video shot by Blake Faucette and Micha Moore, edited by Micah Moore.

Via: Beat Down Boogie

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