The Heart, She Holler returns to Adult Swim on September 11th at 12:30 AM with the promise of more outrageous, incestuous, demented and tasteless adventures from their featured family of rich hicks from the (God, I hope) fake town of Heartshe Hollar. In case you’ve never seen the show, it show plays like a combination of Dallas and Twin Peaks as directed by the Farrelly Brothers, but it’s even more splendidly tasteless.

Patton Oswalt leads the cast as Hurval, a man-child like innocent who spent his whole life living in a dark hole, sealed off from the world, until he becomes the sole inheritor of the vast estate and fortune of his father Hoss (Jonathan Hadary). Meanwhile, Hurval’s two sisters, Hurshe (Amy Sedaris) and Hambrosia (Heather Lawless) plot against him as Hurval navigates this strange new world with the assistance of Hoss’ meticulous collection of videotaped advice that he had made pre-death to account for every possible contingency.

In preparation for the long-awaited second season of the show, Nerd Bastards got a chance to interview show co-creators Vernon Chatman and John Lee, who collectively answered our questions as a comedic entity that we are lovingly referring to as, “Chatlee.” So what have the pair got in store for the second season, and what was their surprisingly violent reaction to my question about the future of the show? Read on…

Sorry if this first question is rather blunt, but why the nearly two year delay between season 1 and 2?

Chatlee: Your question is utterly appropriate, unlike the tongue lashings our Parole Officer gived us.  Whenever we check in and have to urinate in a cup, he’s foaming at the mouth with panticipation.  If only he would die.  Cheers to his demise!  Gulp…gulp…gulp.  Ah, shit.

Some people run a marathon in mere hours.  And then there’s the real people who take years.  We spend so much time crafting infinite profundity into every exquisite poop joke that we need breaks to vomit at the side of the road of True Wisdom.

What’s the biggest change for you creatively between season 1 and 2?

Chatlee: Switched from Fanta to Schweppes – now we’s rolling with the big boyz, Andy!


What does Amy Sedaris bring to the role of Hurshe that will be different from Kristen Schaal?

Chatlee: Amy is the most aggressive chipmunk in the forest: A cute critter who’s mouth is full o’ man’s finest nuts. Where Kristen was dirty sweet, Amy is tragicomedy up the butt — her very own.

Will zombie Hoss now be a regular, and will we ever see anymore of his exhaustively prepared videotape messages?

Chatlee: You see what you wanna see. Sight is not a passive act. It is a belligerent imposition inserting its optical rods into the slime sphere of this particular agreed-upon reality.

How long can Hurval stay innocent, and will we get anymore Jojo in season two?

Chatlee: Forever and no, never.

Will we get to know any of the other residents of Heartshe Holler better in season two?

Chatlee: We consider them family: The more time you spend in they house, the better you get to know that you should have just gotten a hotel room nearby and not stayed under they roof.  The answer is yes, but be prepared to want to leave.

One review said the show was, “a faux soap opera somewhere in the nexus between The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Dallas,” what was/is your inspiration writing the show?

Chatlee: We, Vernon & John, sit in a dark room starring at each others’ dirty mugs.  OK?  Then, after 8 hours of tears and vomit we realized that we could cut the chuck short, the faster we write the sooner we’re out of the “Chokey”.

the-heart-she-holler 1

What lessons did you take away from making season 1 that you put into practice when making season 2?

Chatlee: Don’t chop off you own business with the butt o’ the gun them sold ya.

Considering some of jokes in the first season, is there ever any concern about “going too far?”

Chatlee: We keep trying to “go too far” but there always seems to be more road on the dung stained path called Life.  Oh Dame Death, when will we fall off your highway up into your sweet sugar-walled abyss?

Is there a future for The Heart, She Hollar after season two?

Chatlee: How dare you!  That is like asking Jesus if there’s more pain after crucifixion.   If we could pull our rotting flesh from these railroad ties, we would come down there and kick the shit out of you, and then we’d kick it back in, through your snack hole.

In conclusion, I’d like to formally apologize to Vernon Chatman and John Lee for… I don’t know, asking about a possible season three of The Heart, She Holler? Implying there’s a future for their show? I’m still not sure what I did there. Anyway, season two of The Heart, She Holler premieres on Cartoon Network Adult Swim on September 11 at 12:30 am EST.

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