Every so often, you come across a story that makes you smile, and this is one of those stories. Jeff Buckland and Troy Marcum are two guys who run a program called Heroes 4 Higher, which, while dressed as Batman and Captain America respectively, they use to show support to children and adults in need. While they were promoting their cause at the American Legion in West Virginia; however, when trouble arose, they sprang into action to become real-life superheroes!

Some of the people in attendance noticed smoke nearby, assuming that someone was burning garbage, but West Virginia’s Batman knew better. Jeff Buckland, a former firefighter, noticed that it was different from the smoke that garbage would make, so he and The Cap’, Troy Marcum, ran to the source, finding a house had caught fire. The pair smashed out a window, and Buckland jumped through, searching the burning home for anyone- or anything- in need of help.

I don’t care what it is. I don’t care if it’s a Chia pet. It’s coming out. So I grab it, run out the door with it, put it in the yard. And I’ll be if it wasn’t a cat.

He found, rescued, and revived the cat via mouth-to-mouth, and since the owners were out of town, everyone made it out all right. After his heroic feet, the Caped Crusader had to remove his mask, in need of oxygen, and made the kids who witnessed swear to keep his secret identity, in true superhero fashion. If that doesn’t give those kids something to aspire to, I don’t know what will.

These two men showed those kids that super heroes do exist, and not just in the movies. It’s stories like this that restore my faith in humanity just a little bit, and I hope that more people like Troy Marcum and Jeff Buckland will follow suit in showing our youth that anyone can be a hero, even in real life. You don’t need a mask to do things like this to be a hero, but I have to admit, it makes it 100 times more badass. Kudos, fellas.



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