A Breaking Bad Podcast/ Horror Radio Play


What you are about to listen to is not for the faint of heart. Discovered by Park Rangers outside a blood smeared cabin, this podcast is an account of a heinous BREAKING BAD podcast, recorded by three friends who did not make it out alive.

On the show, they discuss the latest episode, Todd’s messed up face, whether the flash-forwards were a mistake, common uses for cow brains, Martin Lawrence movies, and the desert stand-off between Jesse, Walt, Hank, Gomez, and a barrel full of badass biker dudes.

Throughout the recording, there are strange occurrences that may be troubling, so discretion is advised. As for the ending, well… while we have our foul, blood curdling theories, we don’t actually know what happened, as this recording is the only thing that survived the latest episode of HEISENBERG’S PLAYHOUSE.

Listen and share… if you dare.

Courtesy of RadioBastard and Screen Invasion

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