A somewhat shocking rumor has surfaced concerning ABC‘s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television show; after its pilot was screened to extremely positive reviews, it seems the following episode scripts were so underwhelming Marvel’s Cinematic Universe head honcho, Joss Whedon, had to have the scripts rewritten before they could begin filming.

Looks like ABC’s highly anticipated Joss Whedon-produced drama is in need of a superhero. A source close to the show tells us that the latest scripts that have come in have been so bad, Whedon had to pull off a page one rewrite just an hour before the table read. Given that Whedon is supposed to be transitioning full showrunner responsibilities to his brother Jed Whedon and sister-in-law Maurissa Tancharoen so that he can focus on his 83 other film projects, this ain’t a good sign.

Now, yeah, at first glance this seems like some pretty unsettling news for those of us who have really been looking forward to this show, but I think we’d be missing the silver lining. I mean, if it really was so bad that it had to be rewritten, at least we know that it’s been fixed and we’re getting the best that they can deliver, right? Considering Jed Whedon and his wife, Maurissa Tancharoen, also worked on The Avengers, I don’t think that they’d let something subpar get on TV, either, when they do take over showrunning.

Obviously, this is just a rumor; there hasn’t been any confirmation on this and I doubt that there will be anytime soon. It puts me at ease that these hypothetically horrible scripts didn’t make it through, if they did exist, and that Whedon is doing everything he can to ensure that the show is a success. I’d be worried if the rumor said, “After reading over the awful scripts, Joss yelled, ‘Ah, to hell with it!’ and moved along with the scripts as planned,” but it looks like, even if there is some sort of truth here, we needn’t worry and the fate of Agent Coulson and his crew is in good hands.


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