There were some recent stirrings that J.J. Abrams was close to voting himself out of the director’s chair for Star Wars Episode VII, and that reason was that Abrams didn’t want to be locked down in Britain filming the new movie. Now, one would think that a nostalgia buff like Abrams would relish the opportunity to shoot a news Star Wars movie in the place where the original trilogy was filmed, but I guess he’d be too home sick to enjoy the way-back machine experience. But don’t feel too bad for J.J. because Disney’s apparently fronting some cash to his L.A. headquarters for some serious upgrades.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the offices of Bad Robot in Santa Monica are going to get some pretty groovy renovations that will allow the new Star Wars movie to be shot, at least in part, in Hollywood. The improvements include, “a green room, sound studios and other new facilities will be developed within the three-story, 18,000-square-foot Santa Monica building,” says the Reporter, adding that those “production spaces [are being] built specifically for the Star Wars project.”

Well, I guess Disney really wants to keep Abrams happy. Presumably, Disney isn’t going to tear out all the improvements when shooting is done, so I would say that the production capabilities of Bad Robot have just shot up. More’s the pity for Abrams and Co’s numerous critics out there.

Stay tuned for more Star Wars news as it develops.

Source: /Film

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