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ABOVE: Jen has some amazing photos from Dragon Con on her EPBOT blog and as Fashionably Geek points out, this steampunk cyberman cosplay is one of the best pics she captured during the con. The detail on this suit is definitely an upgrade from the classic cyberman costume. (Don’t forget to check out our Dragon Con cosplay coverage!)


Give up now, because unless you’ve built your kid a custom Landspeeder you’ve fail as a parent. [Technabob]

Nintendo Furniture

If you’ve been lusting after this Nintendo coffee table and these game cartridge end tables, you better pull the trigger and buy them now because seller RetroVideoGameArt is discontinuing this line of NES inspired furniture.


We don’t often talk tech here at Nerd Bastards, but we know that every nerd worth their salt (except Android fanboys) were on the edge of their seats yesterday waiting to hear the latest iPhone news. Among the many things announced was that the iPhone 5S would be available in a new golden shade. Fellow nerds (remember the Hobbit breakfast menu?) from Denny’s couldn’t help but capitalize on the news and tweeted this image without comment. I get hungry every time I look at it.

iron man heels

Handmade comic book inspired heels are rather ubiquitous these days but I adore them and these Iron Man ones are the latest to catch my eye. MacklinsMurals will make you any design you want on practically any type of shoe. There’s even a pair of Buffy heels. I need those in my life stat.

breaking bad slot machine

Breaking Bad is coming to a close and with this season being so full of awesome it’s going to be extra sad to see this show go. Now, you can relive moments from the show, like Walt’s fictional gambling problem, with this Breaking Bad slot machine. There are only 5 of these slot machines in existence. This slot machine actually talks and says cool stuff like “SAY MY NAME” and “HEISENBERG!!” It also plays the show’s theme music. Oh, if you get into a bit of trouble, you can win free spins with the “Saul Goodman Bailout Bonus.”

doctor who risk

Oh my god guys, Doctor Who Risk is a thing that’s real! When I first saw this over on GeekTyrant, I thought for sure it was fan made and something I could never get my hot little hands on, but nope! I have so many fond memories of playing Risk as a kid. I cannot wait to get this. You can get yours at Forbidden Planet.


Good parenting tip: Use this Incredible Hulk bookcase as a great way to scare your kids into reading. Just tell them that if they don’t read, Hulk will come alive and smash them into tiny bits. [Technabob]

Katee Sackhoff gets super nerdy in her photoshoot for GEEK magazine. Check out clips from the photoshoot above. By the end of the video you’ll wish you were a dalek. [Geek Exchange]

This AcousticLabs version of the Last of Us theme song is hauntingly wonderful. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Watch as blacksmith Tony Swatton crafts Leona’s Zenith Blade from League of Legends. It’s really amazing to see a blacksmith at work, seriously badass! [Nerd Approved]

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game of bones

time lords shirt

Cthuloops! (Brandon Wilhelm)

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