There’s a new glimpse of everyone’s favorite radiated monster Godzilla making the internet rounds. This time we get our first real look at Godzilla’s face, before it was all smoke, shadows, and moody music while we see a mist covered Godzilla. The picture was taken at the Licensing Expo over in Sao Paolo.

It all started with Kaijucast sharing the image on Twitter, which quickly spread through numerous Godzilla fan-sites. Shortly after though, Kaijucast took the image down, most likely at the request of Legendary Pictures which would only confirm that the picture was the real deal.

The guys at Kaujucast also wrote an email to Legendary, that they’ve shared with the internet on their website saying,

As a fan of the kaiju genre, I feel that I can speak for a majority of the fan-base in this statement: Legendary Pictures has stated they they’re going to “do this right”, but keeping the titular character’s design a secret reminds fans of Tristar’s missteps in their Godzilla design.

I was at San Diego Comic Con and saw both the teaser and the “mood piece” and I loved what I saw. I am quite certain that by sharing this with the fan-base, Legendary’s Godzilla will meet an overwhelming amount of grassroots support from the very people who already support both the film genre and character.

Trying to shut down the information shared via social media platforms negates the success of these networks. Share the creature design. Post the teaser from Comic Con… the fans are dying for something significant and official.

OK, enough back story, you just want to see the picture. Here ya go.

*IMAGE DELETED at the request of Warner Brothers. Supposedly the Expo had some no pictures rules. So we’re taking it down to avoid any lawyer hardball from Warner Brothers. If you missed it, I can say that Godzilla looked great, no crazy new look, he looked like . . . Godzilla.

Damn, that is one bad ass over grown lizard. It just goes to show that when someone like director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) gets his hands on a beloved icon, he doesn’t screw around and try to change everything and put his “mark” on the creation. We’ll see Edwards’ handy work well enough in the cinematography and overall mood of the film.

What do you think about this popping out before a full trailer? Does it matter in this day and age of the internet? Could this effect ticket sales in a bad way, or just get more people to the box office?

Godzilla smashes it’s way onto theater screens on May 16th, 2014.

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