If you’ve ever wondered how an actor spends his days on set, it’s not always tea and crumpets. Depending on the role there can be long hours spent in the makeup chair while experts transform you into something out of this world. That’s what actor Nicholas Hoult had to go through to bring his character Beast to the big screen in Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: First Class.

Now we can get a taste of what he had to go through when the folks at StudioADI worked their magic on Hoult and brought our favorite blue furry mutant to life. Alec Gillis of StudioADI had this to say about the process:

Director Matthew Vaughan really gravitated towards the more lion-like versions of the Marvel Comic Beast. He wanted a clean break from the Kelsey Grammer version. Fur was in, hair was out. Any version of Beast that featured human head hair was too ‘rock star’, so ADI and Dave and Lou Elsey kept the palette to the feline textures.

Some warm tone break up was introduced to make the skin tone less monochromatic and more alive. The studio stepped in during post production and digitally removed the naturalistic color break up in favor of a more straight forward blue.

Check out this behind the scenes video,

What do you think, could you sit in that chair for hours while someone paints you and glues stuff to your body? Nicholas Hoult’s Beast will be back in the sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 24, 2014, but StudioADI did not get the contract to handle the effects for the movie this time around. Don’t worry though, as you can see from the picture at the beginning of this post, the Beast looks great.

Here is a second video from StudioADI that shows how the prosthetics were created for Beast.

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