So What Kind of Man Will the Batfleck Be?

millers batman

Christopher Nolan’s version of the Batman has come and gone, leaving the great void of “reboot” lingering over us all like a déjà vu nightmare.  But Warner Bros. looks to have no interest in going back to the tired origin-story reboot format.  With the upcoming Batman vs. Superman supposedly being based somewhat on Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, we have to wonder at what kind of Batman we’ll be seeing emerge from Ben Affleck.

Talking recently about the project, WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara said that the new Caped Crusader will be, “…tired and weary and seasoned and been doing it for awhile.

Well, if they’re following along the line of Miller’s tale, then that sounds about right.  The question is, does this mean Affleck will be doing a better job or a worse one?  What do the Nerd Readers think?  Is The Batfleck tired and weary enough?

See it all unfold sometime in the future, when Batman vs. Superman hits big screens on July 17th, 2015.


Thanks to Cinema Blend for the heads-up.

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