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With cosplay becoming so popular in recent years, there have arisen the typical reactionary responses from those who would seek to prove that they are more credible than others.  Ladies in particular get the shit end of the stick, with people complaining that they’re just out on the floor to get attention.  And while I’m sure there are some of those amongst the masses, the idea that there can be some sort of “real” or “fake” geek in the cosplay world is pretty narrow-minded.  Now, geek journalist Jennifer Landa spins the perspective on this pointless debate, by calling out the male half of the cosplay world.  Notice how ridiculous it sounds when looked at in a different light:

Well, let’s hope that ends at least some of the annoying junk-measuring contest.  But likely the stupid people will continue to prattle on…


Thanks to Kotaku for the heads-up.

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