If you grew up in the 90’s then you undoubtedly know what Goosebumps is, and can attest to how awesome it was. Hey, amen to the 90’s – the best  era in childhood entertainment, am I right?  Well, it’s time to feel nostalgic because ole Goosybumps is coming around again. In a big black way… Jack Black that is. I bet you thought I was gonna go all black porno, didn’t you? Surprisingly, R.L Stines young-adult/kid horror anthology hasn’t had the fortune of being turned into a naughty picture by Axel Braun. Go figure.

Our friends at TheWrap say an adaptive script, based on the show/book series, centers on a R.L. Stine-like horror author who’s get scared stupid when his creations come to life. Black is currently in talks for the role of the writer. The project would be his third with Letterman, after Gulliver’s Travels and Shark Tale.

“Viewers beware, you’re in for a scare”. Oi, you got that right. Jack Black? Funny fat guy, yeah I like him too, but he has more crap films than he has good ones. School of Rock and Be Kind Rewind were the highlight of his day. He hasn’t really made a splash since (at least movie wise, Tenacious D still rocks). Kung Fu Panda was pretty good too, I guess. Overall, he’s had good career as a family fare entertainer. So I can see why he’d get pegged for this. Maybe my heart is in the 90’s too much, but I just can’t see the pratty, fatty and chatty Black as R.L. Stine – spooky horror writer extraordinaire. I think it will be scary alright, for the wrong reasons. I see an Ernest Scarred Stupid (memba that my 90’s mates?) type situation.

Goosebumps” is one of the most popular children’s book series ever, surpassed only by the “Harry Potter” novels in total sales, with more than 300 million copies sold worldwide. The series has been published in over 32 languages and was successfully adapted as a TV series by Scholastic Entertainment for the Fox Kids Network, where it was rated #1 for four seasons and aired in over 100 countries.

Source: TheWrap

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