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EDITORS NOTE: In partnership with Youtube personality Kelly Carlton (aka F’N Pryde), we bring you another weekly installment of badass, foul mouthed comic book reviews. So without further ado here’s F’N Pryde with her weekly comic book rundown. It’s  ”Pryde’s Picks!

You all almost saw the ENTIRE internet rage-quit life over that Justin Bieber Batman/Superman troll photo today and it couldn’t fit more perfectly with the rant I share at the end of this week’s Pryde’s Picks. I’ve become increasingly more frustrated with the state of superhero movies. Rumor has it Ellen Page wants a Kitty Pryde movie and Channing Tatum thinks he should play Gambit… What the hell is going on with Hollywood?!?

As much as I want to love the latest X-Men-time-traveling-shit-show, I just can’t get behind an entire issue dedicated to Jean Grey throwing a tantrum. DC’s villain’s month continues to bring me down and I tear cover artist Chris Burnham a new one for reusing his poorly drawn S&M Batman. At least Robert Kirkman is on the verge of giving me the zombie money shot I need.

As always, if you’re easily offended tread carefully. Pryde’s Picks is full of boisterous inappropriate humor and way too much geek rage.

This week features: Xmen #5 (Battle of the Atom Chapt 3) Harley Quinn #1 Lobo #1 Court of the Owls #1 The Walking Dead #114 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer #25 (Season 9)

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