I saw this on 9gag (meme site) last night and thought it was just a horribly cruel photoshop troll. After checking out Bieber’s Instagram page, and seeing multiple sites pick up on it, it’s fucking true – he’s been given a Batman vs Superman script.

Here’s the post, which you can see a larger version of here:


Why?! I dunno, maybe Zack Snyder or whomever, is trying to take the heat off Batfleck. Fans blew their gasket and have been nerd raging on at that weird casting choice. Perhaps this Beiber business is a just diversion, and he won’t actually have anything to do with the film. I certainly hope it’s a well orchestrated distraction. Other wise, my mind wonders. Like, Batman vs Superman is said to be inspired from Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns, which has a female robin. Beiber looks like Carrie Kelley, you know what I’m saying? Oh fuck, maybe this is one of those signs of the looming apocalypse. Ah man, we’re all gonna die!

Wait, why am I getting all bent out of shape. This presumes Justin Bieber can read. I won’t make that leap. In the odd chance he’s in the flick, I can only hope he plays a stupid teen thug who gets beat to death with a crowbar.

[UPDATE! Apparently I have to pay more attention. Beiber has NOT been given a script to Batman vs Superman.  This was indeed a massive troll, a photoshop orchestrated by the folks at “Funny or Die”. Sorry for my lack of journalistic integrity, but someone shit in my cereal this morning and I reacted emotionally.]

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