Director Beeson Wants to Make ‘Fifth Element’ Sequel


There are a lot of movies beloved by fans, but not so much the general audience, which means sometimes sequels are somewhat out of the question. But we can dream, can’t we? And sometimes the dreamers are the directors of those films themselves.

Take Luc Beeson, for example. Right now he’s out promoting his new film, the mob comedy The Family, but in an interview with Indiewire, Beeson was asked what film of his he’d like to someday make a sequel to, and his answer, to the joy of many fans, was The Fifth Element.

The 1997 film was a sort-of over-the-top pulp space opera with a definite European flare. Bruce Willis played Korben Dallas, a cab driver in 23rd century New York, who becomes the protector of Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) a super-powered woman who is the key to stopping an ancient evil that’s in league with human industrialist Zorg (Gary Oldman). The movie had planet-sized monsters, opera-singing blue aliens, Chris Tucker doing a Prince impression, and Luke Perry. It’s kind of hard to describe, but to many sci-fi fans, it’s a highly enjoyable romp.

According to Beeson, if he ever got the chance to revisit the universe he created in The Fifth Element, he might not necessarily continue the story of the original film, or even involve any of the original film’s characters. “I don’t know if it would be directly connected but it would be the same area and the same genre,” he explained. “So for me it would be connected even if the stories had nothing to do with each other.

One thing’s for certain though, Beeson would like to bank on another trip to the future so that he can give some of today’s advanced visual effects technology a whirl. “I was a little bit frustrated because I made the film right before all the new effects arrived,” Beeson explained. “So when I did the film it was all blue screen, six hours, dots on the wall, takes forever to do one shot. Now, basically, you put the camera on your shoulder and then you run and then you add a couple of dinosaurs and spaceships. And I was so frustrated because it was not so easy at the time. So I always think to myself that I would avenge one day and use all the new tools to do a sci-fi film for sure.

What do you Bastards think, interested in seeing a Fifth Element sequel?

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