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ABOVE: Cosplayer extraordinaire Jessica Nigri was spotted at Montreal Comic Con dressed as Mad Moxxie. It’s maddening how naturally gorgeous this girl is.  “Insert your tip”… oh, sometimes these deviant dressed cosplayers make it all too easy. [GeeksAreSexy]


Breaking Bad blue sky Iron Throne made from from fake Meth, aka 3D printer plastic. You can download the instructions below and make a meth throne of your very own. or you can just purchase one for $69.99 [NerdApproved]


Robin hot pants. I really hope that’s a girl modeling these off, other wise there’s nothing really all that wonderful about “The Boy Wonder”. [FashionablyGeek]


Man has 19 surgeries, totaling $7,000(USD), to look like Superman. Seems like a lot of money and effort to pursue truth, justice and the virginian way. [Technabob]


How much would it cost to live in a pineapple under the sea? Oh lawd, the lengths real estate agents will go to promote their business, via a cartoon based infographic, reeks of desperation.  [unique daily]

If Breaking Bad was a cartoon series. This reminds me of SNL’s Cartoon Tv Funhouse. Maybe next, we could get a  Stark vs. House Lannister on Family Feud. [TVOvermind]

JJ Abrams is set to direct Episode VII, Screen Junkies pulled together a panel to find out what needs to happen for the best Star Wars film. How to make it good? KEEP LUCAS AWAY FROM IT! [Screen Junkies]

Cookie monster spoofs Hollywood. You’ll have to let me know if this was funny. I’m on a wheat/sugar free diet and Cookie monsters does nothing but make me crave cookies. I had to remove myself from the temptation by not watching.  [TheMarySue]

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