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ABOVE: Sure, you remember that scene from X3 where Xavier and Magneto checked out Time Square and met up with Elmo, right? You better make sure you’re following @SirPatStew on twitter for all his and Sir Ian McKellen’s hijinks.

Who-DuvetNot better way to get cozy as the weather turns colder than with this Doctor Who comforter set. @ClassicDW promise to have it available for purchase soon! [The Mary Sue]


And of course, when you’re out of bed you’ll need to keep warm, too. Hence, these awesome arm warmers (also known as shirtless sleaves) in the pattern of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. [Fashionably Geek]


Why are nerds so fantastic? Because they take things like the Jung Typology Personality test and theme it with Harry Potter characters. Go ahead, find out your Hogwarts spirit animal by taking this test and comparing your results with chart. [Geeks Are Sexy]


It’s part two of Beat Down Boogie‘s epic cosplay video shot at this year’s Dragon Con! (Miss part one?)

We’ve seen parkour videos before, and we’ve seen parkour videos based on video games. But how about a parkour-based video game, like Mirror’s Edge, getting the first person POV video treatment, eh? That’s pretty cool and at least a little different. And absolutely terrifying, how did this guy not die!? [Obvious Winner]

This big guy is the world’s largest walking robot, as certified by Guinness World Records. Created for a German play, Drachenstich, Tradinno (dragon’s name) is 30 ft long and weighs 11 tons! [Nerd Approved]

Were the Jim Henson Company ever looking to spare a buck or two, they could consolidate by hiring this guy. Watch as Brock Baker imitates the voices of 12 Muppets in less than a minute. [Laughing Squid]


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