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ABOVE: Lady Loki is the most popular gender-bending cosplay but I’m pretty sure cosplayer Tenleid is going to start a trend of Lady Aquamen with this look. [Fashionably Geek]

sugar skulls

Etsy seller Dembones took the term “sugar skull” rather literally with these sugar cube skulls. Sold in packs of four, these sugar skulls are perfect for a Halloween tea or serve them to your nosy neighbors to keep them guessing. I was going to suggest that you serve them to your mom to freak her out, but then I remembered that my mom would be like “OMG where’d you get these! I want them!” Yeah, my mom is weird…. or cool. I’m not quite sure which.


Is it just me or do these gummy stormtroopers look kind of sad? They also look delicious, really delicious….. mmmmmmmm, deliciously sad gummytroopers. [Twitter]

dorthraki necklace

Since declaring one’s love by murdering, pillaging and eating hearts is rather frowned up this day in age, these his and hers Dorthraki necklaces should let everyone know that you rule your true love’s heart.


What I love about this Zatanna cosplay is not just that it’s super sexy or that cosplayer Ani-Mia looks GORGEOUS, but I love it because it reminds all of us that amazing cosplay doesn’t have to be impossible to achieve. I’m pretty sure the bra in the picture is this one from Victoria’s Secret. With a little ingenuity you can make an everyday item extraordinary and pull of a stunning cosplay that’s the envy of everyone. [Geeks Are Sexy]

dungeons and dragons cake

Wow. This Dungeons and Dragons inspired cake is…. WOW. I usually never turn down cake but I wouldn’t want to eat this because it’s so gorgeous! I wonder if the dragon is red velvet on the inside? [Technabob]

tardis ukulele

Etsy seller Celentanowoodworks has created the perfect instrument for the nerdy hipster that resides within us all. I’m pretty sure you can only play this outside of a bar in Brooklyn while wearing a bowtie, otherwise, you’d probably get beaten up.


Aw what a cute and relatively inexpensive way to nerd-out your child’s bedroom! [Nerd Approved]

Yuki Cross

Maria Kurenai cosplay from Anime USA 2013 this past weekend. Total confession: This budding cosplayer is my teenage niece. It’s fantastic to see the next generation of nerds, isn’t it? It makes me happy that thanks to all of the cons and sites like this that they won’t feel as weird as we did growing up. Huzzah for nerd culture! [Yenra Photography]

The Brooklyn design firm the Chopping Block has a Kickstarter project that every nerd should fund. The Chopping Block wants to create a giant silkscreen map called “The Altered States of America” that illustrates every great fictional sci-fi event set in the United States. It would be pretty awesome to hang this print in your living room… or above your bed, whatever. [i09]

Gah! So glad to see other people are finally as fed up with fake geek guys as I am! [Kotaku]

Who says nerds can’t dance? [Geeks Are Sexy]

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