With less than a week before the first television show spawned from the Marvel Cinematic Universe premieres, ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, Deadline has received a tip Marvel is considering another series based on their Agent Carter one-shot. And were it any other source, I’d call bullshit.

The Agent Carter short appeared on the Iron Man 3 DVD/Blu-ray and has been well received, and not only by fans of Hayley Atwell’s Carter who, due to Cap being frozen and brought forward in time, doesn’t have much of role with The First Avenger from here on out in the MCU. A series starring Atwell and in the vein of the Agent Carter short – where Carter investigates strange, paranormal cases in post-WWII London and generally kicks ass while doing so – sounds like a great fit for ABC. A perfect fill for their Alias-sized hole, as Deadline notes.

If you haven’t yet seen Agent Carter, here’s a clip to give you an idea of its tone, style, etc.,

Unsurprisingly, I’m all for this. What do you guys think? Is an Agent Carter series a smart follow-up to Agents of SHIELD?


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