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ABOVE: Sailor Moon biker cosplay shoot inspired from Bab Tarr’s amazing Bosozoku-themed Sailor Scouts. I’m over the moon (I apologize for such shameless use of wordplay) with how spectacularly rockin’ this whole assembly is.  [ChubbyBunny]


1, 2, 3, 4,

I declare a Jedi war.

Star Wars lightsaber thumb wrestling. [NerdApproved]


Turn your quarters into an (imaginary) adventure in time and space with this TARDIS wall/door decal.  [GAS]


You and your beer have a symbiotic relationship, so why not open your tasty brew with a Marvel Venom bottle opener? [Nerdalicious]


Lady Skeletor propaganda posters by cosplayer Constantine-in-Tokyo . “Eternia will be mine, you boob.” doesn’t sound so intimidating coming from an overlord with boobs.


Starscream Transformers hoodie. Megatron is not pleased. Why does his lackey get a line of apparel before him?  [FashionablyGeek]

Biggest walking robot in the world happens to be a scary ass  fire-breathing dragon. I succumb to our robot dragon overlord.  [ObviousWinner]

Piano used to play Doom: Survival in D major. Not as cool as it sounds, I would pay the guy NOT to play it while I am trying to enjoy my beer in silence. [Technabob]

Darth Vader’s voice replaced with Anakin’s dialogue. Yeah, I’d still have nightmares to this day if this was in the original. Pretty creepy stuff.[Geekologie]

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