Yesterday, Peter Jackson received New Zealand’s highest honor becoming an Additional Member of the Order of New Zealand for his services to New Zealand. Jackson is the first person from the film industry so honored.

The Order is comprised of the Sovereign (The Queen of New Zealand), Ordinary, Additional, and Honorary members. The Ordinary members are traditionally limited to twenty members and all are lifetime appointments. The Additional and Honorary members are not counted in that twenty member limit and currently number ten, those members are also lifetime appointments.

The investiture ceremony was performed by New Zealand’s Governor-General, Sir Jerry Mateparae, who said:

There’s something special about the Order of New Zealand.

Jackson had this to say after the ceremony:

Obviously, it’s something I’m going to have to look after and I’m going to have to make sure my children know where to find it, but I do hope to hold on to it for quite a long time.

I’m feeling great. This is an incredible honour and it’s fantastic to be here with my family.

I can’t quite believe where I am today and it’s a tribute to all the people in New Zealand who have worked on our films.

I don’t really feel that different today than I did a long time ago when I was a kid in Pukerua Bay making movies so … if I can be some sort of example that’s fantastic.

Jackson and his film crew are hip deep in post-production and editing for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, along with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra recording the movie’s score at the Wellington’s Opera House. Jackson was upbeat about the process so far:

They’re doing an incredible job, I mean absolutely incredible.

One bit of bad news was Jackson confirming that his plans to direct some Doctor Who episodes in New Zealand were on pretty much shelved for now.

At the moment we’re just a bit consumed in the Hobbit but there’s just a bit of a fun thing that one day, if the schedules line up, then I’d definitely be keen on doing one but there certainly isn’t anything set in concrete at this stage.

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